Where has the summer gone?

Updated: Jan 28

A lot has been going on here and I finally have an opportunity to step back and just take everything in. While summer of course brings on the feelings of anticipation, excitement, warm weather... For people like me who love to have their life put into a scheduled timetable, summer can present some challenges and it has been a true learning experience that not everything can be planned, sometimes you need to just be happy and take things in stride.

I find myself getting so wound up with petty, trivial things but at the time they seem extremely important. I am just so eager to jot them down in my planner... When is family vacation? What can my stepdaughter be involved in that will interest her? What is the summer schedule? How much hotter is it going to get? Do I even have any summer clothes that fit?

It all seems silly now. We started the summer with a plan to move, which that alone brings on equal anxiety and anticipation of what needs to be done. We ended up just deciding to fix some things that desperately needed it around the house, which put us in quite the predicament as we couldnt use our kitchen for nearly 2 weeks. Let's just say we really exhausted our choices when it came to having to get take out. I have never been so happy to be cooking again, even the simple things like chopping vegetables which I find grueling at times, I feel blessed to do now. The biggest downside was , due to unforeseen cirumstances, we had to cancel our trip to see my parents, which was very hard to do, but I am praying for opportunities... At the end of the day though everything is nearly back to normal, I have a beautiful new kitchen and a new appreciation for making my own meals!

In the midst of all that, I was just trying to maintain the normal things, keeping the house in order, keeping everyone happy and positive, contemplating if I should finally open that Etsy store with sweaters made out of the dog hair that I sweep CONSTANTLY, and lastly continuing with the business building.

These things seem trivial now and like something that shouldnt even be viewed as a nuisance. Life throws you things that you can't ever plan for... A little over a month ago, one of my very dear friends left this place to continue her journey in a much better, flawless place where there is no pain and no more suffering. I along with many others will forever be affected by her life and passing. That experience taught me that you can always go further out of your way for people, there is always more you can do, more you can say, more to be grateful for, always more light you can bring to a situation; seize every opportunity.

It has been a short time frame, but I have learned so much.

How does this tie into health? Because in the midst of craziness you have to be able to still find your center. You must make the best of the situation and while looking out for others needs, do the same for yourself too. If you aren't well mentally or physically it is harder to take care of others. It is okay to take time, and it is okay to do what you need to do to make yourself feel good. Whether it is taking that walk, or going to the gym or maybe passing up those sweets; do what makes you feel good and accomplished.

Health is just as much about your outlook as it is what you take into your body.

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