Butternut Squash Soup!

Updated: Jan 30

Just here for the Recipe? No Problem! Scroll to the bottom for the Recipe Card❤️ and if you have time read the story and all the awesome nutritional facts later :)

Squash kind of feels like a fall food to me, but it is actually in season from fall to spring. While you are waiting for warmer temperatures to usher in, I found this soup to be so comforting on those gloomy cold days as we await spring. Also, as a dairy-free option, you don't have to worry about this soup causing or contributing to congestion if your allergies are beginning to flare up and it is easy on the digestive system.

Can I tell you something?

I was super skeptical about Butternut Squash Soup. I had seen my colleagues make it, I saw it in cookbooks, it looked so pretty... but I just couldn't imagine something with a rumored sweet taste to work in a soup. Same goes for Pumpkin Soup, I haven't ever tried it because something about it just didn't sound right to me. How can soup be sweet!?

Anyways, I had to try it, my main motivating factor was because the Butternut Squashes were so cheap! I can't resist a good bargain! So I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised. It had an amazing texture very soup like and while other recipes called to add other veggies or beans. I wanted to make it my own. So I used minimal ingredients and was focused on flavor. I knew I would probably top it with something, so I wanted it to be mild enough that it didn't compete with the topping, but flavorful enough that you didn't have to add any extra seasoning. I was so happy with the result. Yes, it has a sweeter taste, but not like the sweet potato that I have so often heard it compared to. I would say it was like a very mild sweet potato and a bit of a yellow squash taste.

A lot of recipes I saw also called for turmeric, cumin, cayenne. I just didn't want it to be too spicy, so I passed on those seasonings. However, I imagine it would be delicious with any of these additions. The black pepper was perfect for me.

I switched out Coconut Oil that I was seeing in several recipes for Avocado Oil. This Oil has beautiful benefits and a very mild flavor. It does not taste like Avocado. Sometimes I feel like Coconut Oil gives things an odd taste when cooked, plus I was already getting a lot of Coco benefits from the Coconut Milk. You can easily make the switch too if you prefer one over the other.

So here is a little info about the Nutrients in this soup:

Butternut Squash ~ It is seasonal so you are getting benefits from the soil only available with seasonal vegetables! It is a great source fiber, Rich in Vitamin A and other essential Vitamins and Minerals.

Coconut Milk ~ Yay for high-quality fat! Coconut Milk contains MCT's Medium Chain triglycerides fatty acids. These act as amazing brain food and give us more energy. Coconut Milk is also going to make us feel fuller longer so that cuts down on the snacking :) Coconut milk also provides us with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein!

Onions ~ High in Vitamin C and a few other Vitamins. Rich in minerals with a little Fiber and Protein in there too! Contains Antioxidant properties and is good for digestion.

Carrots ~ So rich in Vitamin A with plenty of other Minerals and Vitamin content. Contains some Fiber as well.

Black Pepper ~ Improves digestion and contains Antioxidant properties.

Ginger ~ A digestive aid, anti-inflammatory, and Antioxidant ingredient. Contains Vitamins and Minerals as well.

Avocado Oil ~ Can help with absorption of Antioxidants, high-quality fat, heart healthy with a mild flavor.

This turned out to be a delicious, filling yet mild soup. You can make a base with this recipe I provided. Experiment, make this recipe your own and adjust to your desired taste.

Happy Cooking!

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